Sigmaitaly traps and accessoires

Pheromone trapping is a technology that uses pheromones (chemical substances that are secreted by members of the same species to trigger specific responses) to attract insects to a trap.
Pheromone traps are a great pest control tool that is used to help monitor and control insect infestations. There are pheromone traps for many different types of insects including flies, pantry moths, pantry beetles and cockroaches. Pheromone traps, when used correctly, are a very effective part of a pest control program.

Product code Latin name Common name Trap type
1001 Acleris rhombana Fruittree tortrix dtt, dtw
1002 Acrolepiopsis assectella Leek moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1003 Adoxophyes orana Summerfruit tortrix dtt, dtw
1004 Agriotes lineatus Lined click beetle (wireworm) ft (gr/gr/tr)
1005 Agriotes obscurus Click beetle (wireworm) ft (gr/gr/tr)
1006 Agriotes sputator Common click beetle (wireworm) dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1007 Agrotis andina Quinoa cutworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1008 Agrotis exclamationis Heart and dart moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1009 Agrotis ipsilon Black cutworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1010 Agrotis orthogonia Pale western cutworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1011 Agrotis segetum Turnip moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1012 Agriotes sordidus Click beetle ft (gr/gr/tr)
1013 Agriotes ustulatus Click beetle ft (gr/gr/tr)
1014 Anarsia lineatella Peach twig borer dtt, dtw
1015 Aonidiella aurantii California red scale dtw
1016 Apomyelois ceratoniae (Ectomyelois) Carob moth dtt, dtw
1017 Archips argyrospila Fruittree leafroller dtt, dtw
1018 Archips cerasivorana Uglynest caterpillar dtt, dtw
1019 Archips crataegana Brown Oak Tortrix dtt, dtw
1020 Archips xylosteana Variegated golden tortrix dtt, dtw
1021 Archips podana Fruittree tortrix dtt, dtw
1022 Archips rosana Rose tortrix dtt, dtw
1023 Argyresthia conjugella Apple fruit moth dtt, dtw
1024 Argyresthia pruniella Cherry fruit moth dtt, dtw
1025 Argyresthia thuiella Arborvitae leafminer dtt, dtw
1026 Argyresthia trifasciata Juniperus leafminer dtt, dtw
1027 Argyrotaenia citrana Orange tortrix dtt, dtw
1028 Argyrotaenia pulchellana Eulia dtt, dtw
1029 Argyrotaenia velutinana Redbanded leafroller dtt, dtw
1030 Autographa californica Alfalfa looper dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1031 Autographa gamma Silver Y moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1032 Bactrocera cucurbitae (Dacus) Melon fruit fly fft, McP
1033 Bactrocera dorsalis (Dacus) Oriental fruit fly fft, McP
1034 Bactrocera oleae (Dacus) Olive fruit fly fft, McP
1035 Bactrocera zonata (Dacus) Peach fruit fly fft, McP
1036 Bembecia ichneumoniformis Six-belted clearwing moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1037 Bonagota cranaodes Brazilian apple leafroller dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1038 Busseola fusca Maize stem borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1039 Cacoecimorpha pronubana Carnation tortrix dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1040 Cactoblastis cactorum Cactus moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1041 Cadra cautella Almond moth dtt, dtw
1042 Cameraria ohridella Horse chestnut leaf-miner ft (gr/gr/tr)
1043 Campylomma verbasci Mullein bug
1044 Ceratitis capitata (trimedlure) Mediterranean fruit fly fft, McP
1046 Chilo infuscatellus Sugarcane shoot borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1047 Chilo partellus Spotted stalk borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1048 Chilo sacchariphagus indicus Sugarcane stem borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1049 Chilo suppressalis Asiatic rice borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
101 Choristoneura fumiferana Eastern spruce budworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1051 Choristoneura hebenstreitella Hants Moths dtt, dtw
1052 Choristoneura rosaceana Obliquebanded leafroller dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1053 Chrysodeixis chalcites Tomato looper dtt, dtw
1054 Chrysoteuchia topiaria Cranberry girdler dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1055 Clepsis spectrana Cabbage leafroller dtt, dtw
1056 Cnephasia pumicana Cereal tortrix dtt, dtw
1057 Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Rice leaffolder moth dtt, dtw
1058 Cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Indian blend) Rice leaffolder moth dtt, dtw
1059 Cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Japanese blend) Rice leaffolder moth dtt, dtw
1060 Copitarsia decolora Mexican copitarsia dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1061 Cosmopolites sordidus (45 days) Black banana weevil special
1062 Cossus cossus European goat moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1063 Cryptophlebia ombrodelta Macadamia nut borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1064 Cydia caryana Hickory shuckworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1065 Cydia fagiglandana Beech Moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1066 Cylas formicarius elegantulus Sweetpotato weevil wt
1067 Cydia funebrana (Grapholita) Plum fruit moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1068 Cydia nigricana (Laspeyresia) Pea moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1069 Cydia pomonella (Laspeyresia) Codling moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1070 Cydia pomonella (superlure, 12 mg) Codling moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1071 Cydia pyrivora Pear tortrix dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1072 Cydia splendana (Northern Europe) Chestnut tortrix (Northern Europe) dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1073 Dendrolimus pini Pine moth dtt, dtw
1074 Diatraea grandiosella Southwestern corn borer dtt, dtw
1075 Diatraea saccharalis Sugarcane borer dtt, dtw
1076 Diabrotica virgifera virgifera Western corn rootworm dtt, dtw, ysp
1077 Dioryctria abietella Fir coneworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1079 Duponchelia fovealis European pepper moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1080 Earias insulana Spiny bollworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1081 Earias vittella Spotted bollworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1082 Elasmopalpus lignosellus Lesser cornstalk borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1083 Enarmonia formosana Cherrybark tortrix moth dtt, dtw
1084 Endopiza viteana (Paralobesia) Grape berry moth dtt, dtw
1085 Ephestia elutella Tobacco moth dtt, dtw
1086 Ephestia kuehniella Mediterranean flour moth dtt, dtw
1087 Epiphyas postvittana Light brown apple moth dtt, dtw
1088 Eupoecilia ambiguella European grape berry moth dtt, dtw
1089 Euzophera punicaella Pyralidae moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1090 Evergestis forficalis Garden pebble moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1092 Fumibotys fumalis Mint root borer dtt, dtw
1093 Cydalima perspectalis (Diaphania, Glyphodes) Box tree pyralid ft (gr/gr/tr)
1094 Gortyna xanthenes Artichoke moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1095 Grapholita janthinana (Cydia) Hawthorn-berry moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1096 Grapholita lobarzewskii Appleseed moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1097 Grapholita molesta (Cydia) Oriental fruit moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1098 Grapholita molesta (superlure, 10 mg) Oriental fruit moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1099 Grapholita prunivora Lesser apple worm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1100 Gypsonoma aceriana Poplar shoot borer dtt, dtw
1101 Hedya nubiferana (H. dimidioalba) Green budmoth dtt, dtw
1102 Helicoverpa armigera (Heliothis) Cotton bollworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), ht, wt
1103 Helicoverpa assulta Oriental tobacco budworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), ht, wt
1104 Helicoverpa punctigera (Heliothis) Native budworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), ht, wt
1105 Heliothis virescens Tobacco budworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), ht, wt
1106 Heliothis zea Corn earworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), ht, wt
1107 Hellula undalis Cabbage webworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1108 Hemileuca maia (Eastern) Buckmoth dtt, dtw, wt
1109 Homoeosoma electellum Sunflower moth dtt, dtw, wt
1111 Ichneumenoptera chrysophanes Clearwing persimmon borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1112 Ichneumenoptera cf. xanthosoma Cinnamon clearwing moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1113 Keiferia lycopersicella Tomato pinworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1114 Lacanobia oleracea (Mamestra) Bright-line brown-eye moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1115 Lasioderma serricorne Cigarette beetle dtt
1116 Leucinodes orbonalis Eggplant borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1117 Leucoptera scitella (L. malifoliella) Apple circular leaf miner dtt, dtw
1118 Lobesia botrana Grapevine moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1119 Loxagrotis albicosta Western bean cutworm dtt, dtw
1120 Lymantria dispar Gypsy moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1121 Lyonetia clerkella Apple leaf miner dtt, dtw
1122 Mamestra brassicae Cabbage moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1123 Mamestra configurata Bertha armyworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1124 Maruca vitrata Legume pod borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1125 Melissopus latiferreanus Filbertworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1126 Melittia cucurbitae Squash vine borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1127 Melolontha melolontha European forest cockchafer ftbc (gr/ye/tr/ye)
1128 Mnesampela privata Autumn gum moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1129 Musca domestica House fly uv light trap
1130 Mythimna unipuncta (Pseudaletia) True armyworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1131 Neoleucinodes elegantalis Tomato fruit borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1132 Operophtera brumata Winter moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1133 Opogona sacchari Banana moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1135 Orgyia antigua Vapourer moth, Rusty tussock moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1136 Orgyia pseudotsugata Douglas-fir tussock moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1137 Orthosia cerasi (O. stabilis) Powered quaker moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1138 Orthosia gothica Hebrew character dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1139 Orthosia hibisci Speckled green dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1140 Orthosia incerta Clouded drab moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1141 Ostrinia furnacalis Asian corn borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1142 Ostrinia nubilalis (E-strain) European corn borer (New York) ft (gr/gr/tr), ht
1143 Ostrinia nubilalis (Z-strain) European corn borer (Iowa) ft (gr/gr/tr), ht
1144 Ostrinia nubilalis (EZ-strain) European corn borer ft (gr/gr/tr), ht
1145 Ostrinia nubilalis (ES-strain) European corn borer (Spain) ft (gr/gr/tr), ht
1146 Pammene argyrana Early fruit moth dtt, dtw
1147 Pammene fasciana Chestnut leafroller dtt, dtw
1148 Pammene rhediella Fruitlet mining tortrix dtt, dtw
1149 Pandemis cerasana Barred fruit tree tortrix dtt, dtw
111 Pandemis heparana Dark oblique-barred twist dtt, dtw
1151 Pandemis limitata Threelined leafroller dtt, dtw
1152 Panolis flammea Pine beauty moth ft (gr/gr/tr)
1153 Paranthrene tabaniformis Poplar twig borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1154 Parapediasia teterrella Bluegrass webworm dtt, dtw
1155 Pectinophora gossypiella Pink bollworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1156 Pennisetia hylaeiformis Raspberry clearwing moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1157 Peridroma saucia Variegated cutworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1158 Phthorimaea operculella Potato tuberworm moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1159 Phyllocnistis citrella Citrus leafminer dtt, dtw
1160 Phyllonorycter blancardella (Lithocolletis) Spotted tentiform leafminer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1161 Phyllonorycter corylifoliella (Lithocolletis) Upper leaf surface mining moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1162 Phyllopertha horticola Garden chafer ftbc (gr/ye/tr/ye)
1163 Planococcus citri Citrus mealy bug dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1164 Planococcus ficus Vine mealy bug dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1165 Platynota flavedana Variegated leafroller dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1166 Platynota idaeusalis Tufted apple bud moth dtt, dtw
1167 Platynota stultana Omnivorous leafroller dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1168 Platyptilia carduidactyla Artichoke plume moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1169 Plodia interpunctella Indian meal moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1170 Plutella xylostella Diamondback moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1171 Podosesia syringae Ash borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1172 Prays citri Citrus flower moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1173 Prays oleae Olive moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1174 Ptycholoma lecheana Leche’s twist moth dtt, dtw
1175 Rhagoletis cerasi European cherry fruit fly McP, ysp
1176 Rhopobota naevana Blackheaded fireworm dtt, dtw
1177 Rhyacionia buoliana European pine shoot moth dtt, dtw
1178 Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Red palm weevil rpt
1179 Rhyzopertha dominica Lesser grain borer
1180 Riptortus clavatus Bean bug ft (gr/gr/tr)
1181 Scirpophaga nivella Sugarcane top borer ft (tr/tr/tr)
1182 Scrobipalpa ocellatella Beet moth dtt, dtw
1183 Sesia (Aegeria) apiformis Hornet moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1184 Sesamia calamistis Pink maize borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1185 Sesamia inferens Purple stem borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1186 Sesamia nonagrioides Pink stalk borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1187 Setora nitens Coconut nettle caterpillar dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1188 Setothosea asigna Nettle caterpillar dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1189 Sitodiplosis mosellana Orange wheat blossom midge dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1190 Sitotroga cerealella Angoumois grain moth dtt, dtw
1191 Sparganothis pilleriana Grape-berry moth dtt, dtw
1192 Sparganothis sulfureana Sparganothis fruitworm dtt, dtw
1193 Spilonota ocellana Eye-spotted budmoth dtt, dtw
1194 Spodoptera eridania Southern armyworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1195 Spodoptera exempta Nutgrass armyworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1196 Spodoptera exigua Beet armyworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1197 Spodoptera frugiperda Fall armyworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1198 Spodoptera littoralis Egyptian cotton leafworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1199 Spodoptera litura Tobacco cutworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1200 Spodoptera praefica Western yellowstriped armyworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1201 Symmetrischema tangolias Andean Potato Tuber Moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1202 Synanthedon bibionipennis Strawberry crown moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1203 Synanthedon conopiformis Dale’s Oak Clearwing dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1204 Synanthedon culiciformis Large red-banded clearwing moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1205 Synanthedon exitiosa Peachtree borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1206 Synanthedon flaviventris Sallow Clearwing dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1207 Synanthedon formicaeformis Red-tipped clearwing moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1208 Synanthedon myopaeformis Apple clearwing moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1209 Synanthedon pictipes Lesser peachtree borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1210 Synanthedon polaris (S. rufibasalis) Polar clearwing moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1211 Synanthedon scitula Dogwood borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1212 Synanthedon scoliaeformis Welsh clearwing moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1213 Synanthedon sequoiae Sequoia pitch moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1214 Synanthedon soffneri Honeysuckle clearwing moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1215 Synanthedon tipuliformis Currant clearwing moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1216 Synanthedon vespiformis Yellowlegged clearwing moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1217 Syndemis musculana Autumn leafroller dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1218 Tecia solanivora (Scrobipalpopsis) Guatemalan potato moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1219 Thaumatotibia leucotreta (Cryptophlebia) False codling moth dtt, dtw
1220 Thaumetopoea pityocampa Pine procession moth ft (gr/gr/tr)
1221 Thaumetopoea pityocampa (long life, 10 mg) Pine procession moth ft (gr/gr/tr)
1222 Thaumetopoea processionea Oak processionary moth ft (gr/gr/tr)
1223 Thrips species / box of 10 lure Thrips species ysp
1224 Tineola bisselliella Webbing clothes moth dtt, dtw
1225 Tortrix viridana European oak leafroller dtt, dtw
1226 Trichoplusia ni Cabbage looper dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1227 Trigonotylus caelestialium Rice leaf bug wsp
1228 Tuta absoluta (0.8 mg) Tomato leafminer dtt, dtw, wt
1229 Vitacea polistiformis Grape root borer dtt, dtw
1230 Xylomyges curialis Citrus cutworm dtt, dtw, wt
1231 Yponomeuta evonymella Bird-cherry ermine moth dtt, dtw
1232 Yponomeuta malinellus Apple ermine moth dtt, dtw
1233 Yponomeuta padella (Hyponomeuta) Orchard ermine moth dtt, dtw
1234 Zeuzera pyrina Leopard moth ft (gr/gr/tr), special zeuzera pyrina trap
1235 Tuta absoluta (0.5 mg) Tomato leafminer dtt, dtw, wt
1236 Mythimna loreyi Lorey leafworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1237 Kermania pistaciella Pistachio twig borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1238 Ceratitis capitata (Trimedlure, 2 grams lure) Mediterranean fruit fly fft, McP
1239 Lymanthria monacha Nun moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1240 Agriotes species combilure Click beetle ft (gr/gr/tr)
1241 Agriotes gallicus Click beetle ft (gr/gr/tr)
1242 Anomala dubia Dune Chafer
1243 Synanthedon andrenaeformis Orange-tailed clearwing dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1244 Cryptoblabes gnidiella Asiatic rice borer, Striped stemborer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1245 Quadraspidiotus perniciosus San José scale dtt, dtw, ysp
1246 Saturnia pavonia Small emperor moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1248 Palpita unionalis Jasmine moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1249 Euzophera pinguis Tabby Knot-horn dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
121 Monochamus galloprovincialis Black pine sawyer beetle
1251 Helicoverpa quinoa Quinoa bollworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), ht, wt
1253 Plodia/Ephestia
1254 Kairomone for Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Red palm weevil
1255 Paranthrene robiniae Western poplar clearwing dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1256 Epiphyas postvittana (10 mg) Light brown apple moth dtt, dtw
1257 Pectinophora (Pexicopia) malvella Hollyhock seed moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1258 Epichoristodes acerbella African Carnation Tortrix dtt, dtw
1260 Orthosia gracillis Powdered Quaker
1261 Apamea oblonga Crescent Striped dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1263 Synanthedon spuleri dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1264 Synanthedon spheciformis White-barred Clearwing dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1265 Tuta absoluta (longlife) Tomato leafminer dtt, dtw, wt
1266 Synanthedon mesiaeformis dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1269 Drosophila suzukii attractant Spotted wing Drosophila dst
1290 Synanthedon loranthi dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1291 Felderiola candescens Rooibos clearwing dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1293 Maliarpha separatella African white stemborer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1295 Bactrocera zonata (Dacus), 2 gram lure Oriental fruit fly fft, McP, wt
1296 Batrachedra amydraula Lesser date moth dtw
1298 Ips acuminatus Engraver beetle
1299 Ips sexdentatus Six-spined engraver beetle
1300 Lygus rugulipennis European Tarnished Plant Bug
1301 Ips cembrae Large larch bark beetle
1302 Copitarsia incommoda Quinoa copitarsia dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1303 Euzophera bigella Quince moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1304 Sesamia cretica Durra stem borer ft (gr/gr/tr)
1305 Anthonomus grandis Cotton Boll Weevil special
1306 Euzophera semifuneralis American plum borer dtt, dtw
1307 Grapholita packardi Cherry Fruitworm
1308 Proeulia auraria Chilean fruit leaffolder
1309 Ips typographus European spruce bark beetle special
1311 Chamaesphecia empiformis dtt, dtw
1312 Lampronia capitella Currant shoot borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1313 Popillia japonica Japanese beetle ftbc (gr/ye/tr/ye)
1314 Rhynchophorus palmarum South American palm weevil
1315 Leguminivora glycinivorella Soybean pod borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1316 Melolontha combilure
1317 Oryctes rhinoceros (experimental) Coconut rhinoceros beetle rpt
1319 Acrobasis vaccinii Cranberry fruitworm dtt, dtw
1320 Sahlbergella singularis Cocoa mirid dtt, dtw
1321 Distantiella theobroma Cocoa mirid dtt, dtw
1322 Anomala rufocuprea Soybean beetle ftbc (gr/tr/tr/tr)
1323 Cydia strobilella Spruce cone moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1324 Chamaesphecia tenthrediniformis dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1325 Stenoma catenifer Avocado seed moth dtt, dtw
1328 Ceratitis cosyra Mango fruit fly McP
1329 Oidaematophorus espeletiae dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1330 Ecdytolopha aurantiana Citrus fruit borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1331 Etiella zinckenella Limabean pod borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1332 Grapholita dimorpha dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1333 Plautia stali Brown-winged green bug
1334 Halyomorpha halys Brown marmorated stink bug
1335 Deilephila elpenor Elephant hawk-moth
1338 Ceratitis rosa Natal fruit fly McP
1342 Spilonota laricana Larch shoot
1343 Endothenia quadrimaculana
1344 Conopomorpha cramerella Cocoa pod borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr), wt
1345 Scirpophaga incertulas Rice stem borer, yellow stem borer ft (gr/gr/tr)
1346 Bactrocera kandiensis fft, McP
131 Maladera insanabilis
1351 Ecdytolopha torticornis Citrus fruit borer
1352 Dendrolimus sibiricus Pine moth dtt, dtw
1355 Synanthedon codeti dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1356 Coleophora hemerobiella dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1357 Coleophora laricella Western larch case-bearer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1358 Rhagoletis pomonella Apple Maggot Fly McP, ysp
1364 Rhagoletis completa ysp
1365 Platypus cylindrus Oak pinhole borer multifunnel trap
1366 Chilo auricilius Sugarcane stalk borer dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1367 Heliothis peltigera Bordered straw dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1368 Plutella xylostella (Bolivia) Diamondback moth (Bolivia) dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1369 Paranthrene insolita dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1370 Nemapogon granella European grain moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1372 Margarodes prieskaensis Margarodes prieskaensis
1373 Cylas puncticollis Sweetpotato weevil ft (gr/gr/tr)
1374 Elater ferrugineus Rusty click beetle ft (gr/gr/tr)
1375 Euproctis chrysorrhea Brown-tailed moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1376 Cydia splendana (Southern Europe) Chestnut tortrix (Southern Europe) dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1377 Anatrachyntis simplex False pink bollworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1379 Carmenta foraseminis dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1381 Euproctis pseudoconspersa Tea tussock moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1382 Pseudaletia (Mythimna) separata Oriental armyworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1384 Crocidolomia binotalis Large cabbage-heart caterpillar dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1385 Pennisetia bohemica dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1387 Spodoptera dolichos Larger cotton cutworm dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1389 Pseudococcus longispinus Long-tailed mealybug dtt, dtw
1390 Contarinia nasturtii The swede midge dtt, dtw
1395 Malacosoma neustria Common lackey dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1396 Argyrotaenia sphaleropa Orange tortrix dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)
1397 Piezodorus hybneri
1398 Dioryctria mendacella Cone moth dtt, dtw, ft (gr/gr/tr)